The digital transformation of companies has been accelerated and driven in recent years by a common need: to provide employees with the best technology to increase their productivity, efficiency and better results in a challenging and fast-changing world that demands a comprehensive cutting-edge knowledge of all workers.

The digital transformation of companies has risen as a necessity, but also (due to its growth and unstoppable trend) it has been seen that companies lack the structural organization of their processes to undertake the correct implementation of a Microsoft digital transformation strategy.

ENCAMINA with more than 20 years of experience in adoption processes and specialized (among other things) in change management in companies using Microsoft 365, detected a common problem in large corporations. Often when it comes to Microsoft Business Transformation there are many assets, both technological and human, that require specialized attention, and not precisely to technological implementation but to maximizing the performance and use of Microsoft technologies.

Often, technology consultants tend to draw the optimal consumption scheme that best suits the needs of the company, trying to ensure that their investment (in this case licenses and consumption) is not diminished in both economic and operational performance.

In this current problem, many corporations forget that an important asset of their organization (people) do not take an active role in the digital transformation strategy and as a result, users are not aware of its importance for the company.

Fun Enagement helps organizations 

Fun Engagement was born as a result of the difficulty that modern corporations have to implement their adoption processes in an agile, fun and above all with our seal of identity made in “thinking in colors”.

Thinking in colors in adoption processes is nothing more than delivering love, attention and color to our most valuable resource: PEOPLE. TeamsMatrix is nothing more than a family of applications designed to boost your adoption processes in a different, constructive and entertaining way driving productivity and digital transformation of companies, bringing out the best of people and teams, making the most of Microsoft 365 and technology investments in organizations.

How do we boost the digital transformation strategy of our company with Microsoft? 

ENCAMINA’s innovation lab has been developing since 2018 a series of applications applying gamification techniques, we manage to make our human team develop extraordinary capabilities in their daily performance with all the Microsoft tools while enjoying a dynamic of game techniques in which they will not have to do anything else but their daily work.

Is it possible to learn by working and having fun? 

With TeamsChamp we get our teams to enjoy and learn by doing what they do best: their work. ENCAMINA also wants our teams to learn and add knowledge through games based on Mindfulness techniques that allow them to disconnect and rest from their work.  

Also, we find PlayQuiz which aims to increase the knowledge of people through the completion of a daily challenge of three questions that test your knowledge in Microsoft 365 and it takes no more than two minutes to complete it.  

Perfect for taking a break from long working days. With categories that include more than 14 applications and specific topics such as accessibility, compliance, or productivity.