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#FunEngagement is a suite of gamification tools, and a set of methodologies and best practices that promote cultural change, higher productivity and better use of technology in medium and large organizations.

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Fun Engagement is a family of applications, services and utilities that drive the productivity and the digital transformation of companies, achieving the best in people and work teams, by making better use of Microsoft 365 and investments in digital transformation technologies.

The Fun Engagement ecosystem includes:

Microsoft 365 Adoption consulting packages.

Gamification application for leverage and boost of Office 365.

Dashboards and KPIs based on Office 365 usage. Measurement of the level of maturity and digital intensity of organizations.

Tools for discovery and promotion of talentbased on the measurement of digital skills such as Communication or Collaboration.


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Exclusive products that make up Fun Engagement

TeamsChamp is a SaaS product that integrates with Microsoft Teams. Improve the adoption of Microsoft 365 of your organization through gamification.

PlayQuiz is a SaaS application that integrates with Microsoft Teams. Challenge yourself to answer 3 daily questions about Microsoft 365 to earn points.

TeamsPower is a Power BI report that shows the company’s Digital Transformation and Microsoft 365 Adoption status.

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Fun Engagement takes advantage of the best working practices of professionals to achieve business results.

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