Keeping good control over the licensing of the Microsoft 365 suite of applications is complicated, and more often, organizations spend more of their resources at deployment and governance plan for the use and purchase of applications.  

There are two major challenges within a company’s IT department. The first is knowing how many licenses to buy and the second, perhaps more complex, are my employees making good use of the licenses and are they realizing their full potential?  

Organizations need to find innovative formulas that promote intelligent change management, whilst knowing how to optimize resources and identifying the main actors to promote the efficient change we were talking about. 

At ENCAMINA, aware of these challenges, we decided to come up with a new way to help organizations take advantage of the full potential of Microsoft 365 in an agile, fresh and innovative way.

What is TeamsChamp?

TeamsChamp is a web and Microsoft Teams application that helps you measure employees’ Digital Collaboration and Communication practices by analyzing their use of Microsoft 365 tools such as SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, Exchange, Skype, etc.

Its main objective is to drive the best use of Microsoft 365 in the organization, but also: 

  • Encourage user awareness of their use of Microsoft 365. 
  • Improve communication and collaboration in the organization. 
  • Promote a positive and fresh atmosphere in the organization. 
  • Provide Microsoft 365 best practices and tips to users 
  • Uncover hidden talent within the organization 
  • Maximize the return on investment in Microsoft 365 

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