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Welcome to #FunEngagement

Fun Engagement​ is a family of applications, services and utilities that drive the productivity and the digital transformation of companies, achieving the best in people and work teams, by making better use of Microsoft 365 and investments in technology in organizations. 

Fun Engagement is based on the concept of #FunEngagement, which is to build employee and even customer loyalty through a fun and entertaining tone in all organizational policies, processes and systems. 

It is not only about applying gamification tools, but also about promoting a friendly, human, and warm culture and leadership, with processes and systems that facilitate WOW! EXPERIENCES internally and externally in the company. 

Fun Engagement ecosystem

Fun Engagement has gamification applications to drive adoption of Microsoft 365 through gamification with TeamsChamp and PlayQuiz, employee digital footprint analysis with TeamsRadar and digital adoption analysis with TeamsPower. 


TeamsChamp is a SaaS product that integrates with Microsoft Teams. Improve the adoption of Microsoft 365 of your organization through gamification.


PlayQuiz is a SaaS application that integrates with Microsoft Teams. Challenge yourself to answer 3 daily questions about Microsoft 365 to earn points.


TeamsPower is a Power BI report that shows the company’s Digital Transformation and Microsoft 365 Adoption status.

Fun Engagement brings together talent and technology to achieve business impact by leveraging the organization’s digital footprint and the best practices of its professionals and teams united to achieve results. 

The applications respect compliance and system integrity

Our applications TeamsChamp and PlayQuiz are certified by Microsoft and have been audited by them in terms of security and compliance, it is a need to be a certified provider and have the certified apps. Here you will find detailed information about the publisher attestation, data handling, security and compliance test and identity management.

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