ENCAMINA’s gamification tools boost productivity in the Australian government

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Recently, the government of New South Wales (NSW), Australia, launched an internal campaign to boost its employees’ ability to maximize Microsoft 365 performance and to make their work more secure and productive. But there was one more requirement: The whole process should be fun. By adopting the TeamsChamp and PlayQuiz applications from ENCAMINA, the state government successfully used gamification and productivity tools to enhance the way employees work. Through increased use of Microsoft 365 solutions, NSW employees were able work more securely and collaboratively.

Customer Challenges

NSW government’s Department of Customer Service is responsible for delivering value by making or enabling sustained improvements to state services. ENCAMINA deployed a gamification campaign in the department using TeamsChamp and PlayQuiz. It was important to Customer Service that the tools adhere to Microsoft 365 best practices in security, accessibility, and productivity for use by department employees. NSW needed its tools to boost the usage of the Microsoft 365 suite, and one if its goals was to train employees in Microsoft 365  best practices.

Partner Solution

NSW did an exhaustive search in the international market, where it discovered ENCAMINA’s TeamsChamp and PlayQuiz gamification tools for boosting employee productivity using Microsoft 365. ENCAMINA designed a gamification campaign to achieve NSW’s business objectives via TeamsChamp and PlayQuiz. After ENCAMINA validated that both applications complied with government security and privacy requirements, the project began. The project lasted six weeks, four of which were dedicated to the gamification campaign, with 300 users/champions participating. ENCAMINA worked directly with program managers to establish guidelines for maximizing return on investment from the implementation.

Customer Benefits

The results of the gamification campaign were dramatic along two different vectors. First, by leveraging Microsoft 365 and applying Microsoft 365 best practices, NSW increased the usage of SharePoint (320 percent), Yammer (240 percent), Teams (152 percent), and OneDrive (80 percent). Second, the tools improved the practices of NSW employees, enabling them to be more productive by boosting teamwork, internal communication, collaboration on documents, fun engagement, security, and accessibility.