APS Health Puerto Rico accelerates its digitalization with TeamsChamp

Today, we are happy to share with you our experience with APS HEALTH Puerto Rico. This company, a leader in mental health in its country, has accelerated its digital transformation with the implementation of  Microsoft 365 and TeamsChamp tools. The result has been a 42% increase in the agility of response and solution time to the health problems raised by citizens.

APS HEALTH Puerto Rico has over 17 clinics in its territory and serves more than one million people in its country.

For eight weeks, ENCAMINA has trained a hundred workers in the use of Microsoft 365 tools, and the result has been the acceleration of all document management, collaboration, internal communication processes, as well as the strengthening of the company’s security mechanisms.

Zulma Rijos, vice president of the HR department, with whom we have worked side by side during this time, emphasizes that “for over 20 years APS Health has been committed to innovation and agile methodologies to offer professional health services and to improve people’s lives. In that sense, we were clear that our employees’ work platforms also had to be at the same level of excellence and quality”.

The implementation of new Microsoft 365 tools, with the support of TeamsChamp, as a gamification tool to improve and accelerate the adoption process for workers, has allowed APS HEALTH to generate in a short time a new work style that has resulted in an increase of remote work and the streamlining of procedures. In fact, the latest data indicate an increase in the use of OneDrive by 26%, Teams by 42% and SharePoint by 19.3%.

“The sum of technology and gamification, as an adoption system to implement this technology, has managed to boost communication and improve the company’s performance”, claims Carlos Cruz, IT Project Manager at APS HEALTH.